Restaurant Review: Tony’s Donuts 5/5 Stars!

Tony’s Donut Shop
9 Bolton St.
Portland, Maine 04102
Phone: (207) 772-2727

As you wander through life, no matter what your goal, keep your eye upon the donut and not the hole – Tony Fournier

This past weekend my husband and I had breakfast at a famous local donut shop, Tony’s Donuts.

To be honest I was a little disappointed that Anthony Bourdain’s Maine show didn’t include a segment on Tony’s, after all the modern donut was invented in Maine and most locals would agree that Tony’s Donuts serves the best donuts in the entire state (if not the entire planet!). How can you visit Portland, Maine and not stop at Tony’s?

If I were to ever move away from Maine, these donuts would be one of the local treasures that I would miss the most. Between the freshly fried treats and the packed seating area full of locals (dressed in their best L.L. Bean shammy shirts and talking politics), this place makes my heart very happy. When I am at Tony’s, I am surrounded by my people. I am home.

The best time to hit this little shop is first thing in the morning, right around the time they open. The donuts are usually warm and fresh out of the fryer during the early hours. Even if donuts aren’t your thing, Tony’s also serves a lot more than just donuts. My husband loves their giant honey buns, crème horns and bismarks.

Prices are extremely reasonable at $.75 cents for a single donut and $7.25 for a dozen. Most of the national chain restaurants sell their donuts for around $.85 cents or more. Really Tony’s can’t be beat for the price.

I give this place 5/5 stars and I hope that someday when I die and go to heaven, there will be a Tony’s Donuts waiting for me there.

Here is a great little video about this place…

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2 Responses to Restaurant Review: Tony’s Donuts 5/5 Stars!

  1. daryl morazzini says:

    Best donuts in all of Maine!
    Possibly, all of the USA!

    Thank You for this!

  2. Thankfully I am done writing about donuts for now. LOL. It’s going to take all my energy not to stop there on my way to work tomorrow.

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